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What’s New With Magento 2.0 Widgets?

Widgets are a set of predefined extensions which are embedded in Magento. Administrators and Business Owners can configure the widgets to use them to integrate and extend the basic functionalities of Magento. The latest version of Magento which is Magento 2.0 released some new widgets to help the business owners on improving their basic store features. Here are some new features of widgets in Magento 2.0


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You can always utilize the widgets in Magento anywhere on the site depending on the need and on the design of your site and all you need is to select a widget in a drop down list in the admin panel to activate and use the widget. There are also different kinds widgets in Magento 2.0 here are some examples below:


Accordion widget, Alert widget, Calendar widget, Collapsible widget, Confirm widget, Dropdown Dialog widget, List widget, Loader widget, Menu widget, Modal widget, Navigation widget, Prompt widget, Quick Search widget, Tabs widget.


You can use all these widgets to improve your Magento functionality. Magento has been developing different new Widgets in every release of their new version and different new technologies are being used. Jquery for example is the most popular technology that Magento has been using ever since before.
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To know the basics of each widget here are some short summary on how the specific widgets above work.


Accordion Widget – the newest extension which is based on the Magento Tabs Widget. This widget is used to break/manipulate some of the contents in different sections to optimize the space and the design.


Alert Widget – a simple widget which extends the basic functionality of Magento in the front end design. Its main function is to add a modal pop-up for alerts and other notifications.


Calendar Widget – from its term the calendar widget, it serves as a calendar interface in your store. But not only that, you can also utilize this widget as a date picker in your forms.


Collapsible Widget – this widget is made to merge on or two more widgets to improve its basic functionalities and design.


Confirm Widget – confirm widget is somehow related to the alert widget because it uses the modal functionality in Magento whether to display a confirm or cancel modal in the front or back end interface.


DropDown Dialog Widget – this widget extends the functionality of the Jquery UI Diaglog which improves the user experience of the user and also integrates the basic drop down options in Magento.


Menu Widget – the menu widget improves the interface and the output by integrating the responsiveness of the menu tabs.


Navigation Widget – navigation widget is simply used to integrate the maximum number or items to be listed and you can also have the option on the number of items to be displayed and the items that exceeds the limit can be shown on the next layer of the navigation panel.


Quick Search Widget – the most efficient widget in terms of functionality is the quick search widget. It gives advanced functionalities such as auto complete suggestions and many more.


NOTE: All widgets are fully customizable depending on the functionality you want. You can always integrate each widget to extend its features but it depends on what the nature of your store needs.


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