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How To Use Instagram For E-Commerce Mobile Campaign

Instagram is one of the popular social media networks today and it is rapidly growing. Indeed, a picture says a thousand words, and it does, too, for ecommerce. Instagram has such huge potential. According to Forbes contributor Lydia Dishman, it is the world’s most powerful selling tool.


Contrary to Facebook and twitter, Instagram is not a place for sharing links. This a place whereyou could advertise your products through the beauty of a photo. It has over 300 million active users, and about half of them are using this network every day. That is a lot of would-be customers for you right there. One of its many great features is that, it is free from traditional advertising. The only form of paid advertising available on Instagram is a promoted post.


It is never too late to try out Instagram. Here are a few tips that might come in handy when you think about making an account.


Enhance Your Profile


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In this network, there are 3 major things that matter – profile image, bio, and link. These are the first 3 things people would look at.


Profile Image: It is best to make your business’ logo as your profile image so your customers would recognize your company. This would attract the people that have trusted you already elsewhere.


Bio: Make sure it is short yet catchy. Also, the people who don’t know you yet must have an idea of what your business is about and what you are selling.


Link: You can put here the link to your website or the link where customers can directly purchase a product they want.


Post Great Photos


This is not a secret at all but great photos are the key to success. Whether it’s for personal use or for business purposes. This is the very idea of Instagram: to let people post great photos and share it to the world! Nobody wants to see a dull and boring photo of one product. So let your imagination work its magic to produce attractive photos.


You might want to consider these tested-and-proven tips in posting photos:


Take Lifestyle Photos: One creative way to showcase your products is by using lifestyle photos, depicting real-life settings. Many leading brand use this technique because it gives customers an idea of how they can utilize the products.


Show Behind-The-Scenes Photos: It is not all the time that you have to focus on your products. Allowing your customers to see behind the camera is one way of building a personal bond with the business and understanding its culture.


Watermark your images: Watermark all your photos with your domain name to easily get people to buy from you. This also refrain others from stealing your photos.


Use Instagram’s Video Capabilities


Instagram Video - Vi Commerce


Don’t limit yourself with just photos. Instagram allows its users to post videos also. Although IG videos have a limited time, taking advantage of its capabilities can really improve your account.


Get Some Followers


After customizing your account, it is now time to get some followers. Making your account public can allow people to see your account advertised on their timeline, thus, there is more chances that they will follow you.


Whatever you do, don’t buy likes, or comments or anything else on all your social media accounts. This will just ruin your profile in the future. You could email everyone in your email list or promote your account on other platforms.


It is also okay to follow people that you think are your ideal customers. Most people on Instagram are easy to please. They’ll most likely follow you back also!


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