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Top 5 Most Popular And Commonly Used e-Commerce Platforms

The competition of e-commerce platforms has just gone to another level, different platforms now uses different and modern technology with the goal to be on top of the charts in terms of customer satisfaction and service. New and efficient processes are now being implemented in order for the users to gain ease of use of the platform and to avoid those time consuming processes.


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Different integrations are unique in each platform, they offer different advantages and disadvantages in terms of functionality. Popular e-commerce platforms are known for their reputations in improving and promoting online businesses worldwide and not only that, they are also known for their stability, efficiency and security. Here are five of the most popular and commonly used e-commerce platforms.




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Ranking on top of the charts, Magento has raised its reputation to a whole new level. With statistics showing their overall reign in the e-commerce platform industry, Magento decided to release its newest version the Magento 2.0, Magento fits better for large type of businesses with its highest level of security, online business has never been safe before.


The community shows support to Magento because it is fully scalable and customizable. It can be integrated from a simple e-commerce website to a beautiful and highly configurable store. Magento is unique in a way because it supports multiple store option and it has a one of a kind multi-currency support which other e-commerce platform don’t have.


Magento is also praised for its user-friendly interface which new customers and admins that are new to the platform can easily adapt to the environment. The enterprise edition is a complete set-up where you can easily publish your online store with the help of a professional technician to walk you through the installation and integration but the community edition however requires an experienced developer to develop/extend your store functionalities in order to get the advantages that Magento has to offer. Extensions however for the both editions can be found at Magento Connect.



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Shopify is a hosted online shopping platform. Their newest promo wherein they would offer you a free trial however, after the trial you are required to choose a subscription plan. Shopify is famous for their easy set-up and quick loading speed. They are also offering free website templates for you to use in your business however, the premium templates are paid but is worth a penny because of its eye catching design and strategic formation that encourages customers to explore the store more.


Shopify also has raised its reputation because of its great customer support and its large community of experts that is ready to assist business owners and developers alike anytime and any day of the week. Shopify has also a downside wherein you can’t fully customize and extend the stores functionality as you can with other e-commerce platforms.




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Shopify and BigCommerce are somehow related, with all the readymade features and a paid hosting service, BigCommerce however has a lot to offer in terms of features and functionalities. To start with, you can add as many products as you desire. With unlimited bandwidth and storage, you will surely love how fast and reliable your store will be.


With its easy configuration setup, you can easily make your store beautiful and unique even if you are new to the business. BigCommerce doesn’t really require for you to hire a developer/web designer since you can just easily customize your designs and with the basic html and css manipulation tools, you can even make your store more attractable for your customers. BigCommerce is however a bit pricy when compared to Shopify but with its advanced and integrated features it is worth to invest.


4. WooCommerce


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WooCommmerce is an e-commerce platform that is integrated through WordPress. WooCommerce has a large variety of extension that can be installed through WordPress thus, WooCommerce is highly customizable and is free to the community to use. It has an excellent shopping cart process and has an advanced payment gateway. A lot of people now know about the technicalities about WordPress and there is huge amount of people in the community that is ready to assist you anytime.


In order to use WooCommerce, you must first install WordPress. There are a lot of instructions in the internet on how install WordPress however, it takes time to learn and study the structure of the processes in WooCommerce. It is advisable for small scale business owner to use WooCommerce since it is easy to use and its interface is designed for new users to easily adapt and learn the platform.


Advantages in using WooCommerce is that you have a free unlimited access to its premium themes and templates which other e-commerce platform doesn’t offer. WooCommerce is also flexible in terms of Sale Processes, Design and Integration of New Modern Technologies.


5. Big Cartel


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Big Cartel is known for its user-friendly visual editor. With the advantage of using it and having a simple front and back end interface, you can surely manipulate and integrate your simple shopping site to a fully functional online shopping cart. The community loves the design and the dedication of Big Cartel in the way they design their back end to be a layman’s interface.


Advantages in using Big Cartel is that you can easily setup your store in just a couple of minutes. By selecting pre-built themes and templates you can see your new store design in just a few seconds. Big Cartel has also a very good architecture wherein it is designed to be easily be crawled upon and indexed by search engines. Big Cartel also has a good customer support which can be addressed 24/7.


The major disadvantage in using Big Cartel is that its product limit. It only limits each owner to display more or less 300 products. Other functionalities when compared to other e-commerce platforms are not available in Big Cartel Specifically custom extensions and plugins.


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