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What’s New With Magento 2.0 Widgets?

Widgets are a set of predefined extensions which are embedded in Magento. Administrators and Business Owners can configure the widgets to use them to integrate and extend the basic functionalities of Magento. The latest version of Magento which is Magento 2.0 released some new widgets…

How To Fix Basic Errors Magento 2.0 Installation

Magento 2.0 made a great success on its release last November 17, 2015. Now, developers and business owners all over the world are rapidly upgrading/adapting to the latest version. With its modern and advanced technologies, transactions and processes are made faster, easier and more efficient….

The Beginners Guide to Magento 2.0

In 2014 and 2015, Magento has significantly increased its popularity in the most commonly used e-commerce platforms making it number one in the charts.     Photo Source:   The new version of Magento 2.0 which was released last November 17, 2015 has some…

A New Era of Commerce Innovation is Here – Magento

A New Era of Commerce Innovation is Here     Magento is excited to announce that Magento 2.0, the next-generation digital commerce platform, is now available. Code can be downloaded from the Community Edition Download page and instructions for accessing our new Composer repository are…