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International Holidays/Festivals that Impact E-commerce

Every business owner knows that holiday seasons are the prime time for giving of gifts. In America, heavy shopping seasons like Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day would seem just natural to Americans. American merchants start preparations months in advance in order to offer shoppers special deals, gift coupons and free delivery before the holiday.


As they strive to reach online shoppers overseas, they shouldn’t forget to grab the opportunity offered by international holidays and festivals. The key is to apply the same marketing logic around holiday shopping trends to their global markets, targeting international online shoppers craving for American goodies. Sales will definitely boost abroad just as they do at home. Further localization of their presence can be achieved internationally by marketing and selling products.


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Here’s a list of countries with their well-known holidays and festivals:




    • Chinese New Year
      • Falls in January or February, Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday of the year in China. Thousands of businesses in China close for up to two weeks to give employees enough time to travel home to provinces. With the shutdown of factories and lack of workers comes jammed shipping and delayed packages, advanced sales is needed.


    • Children’s Day
      • Celebrated internationally but in China, this happens on June 1. This is the best time to sell kids’ toys and apparels.


    • Lantern Festival
      • During 5th of March, children go out at night to temples carrying paper lanterns. They paste riddles on the lanterns and whoever guesses it right will receive gifts. Ladies are chaperoned when going out in the hope of finding love while watching the procession of lanterns. It was also considered a lucky day for lovers to meet. This is a good time to come out with variety of gifts.


    • Chinese Valentine’s Day
      • Also known as Qixi Festival or the Double Seventh Day which happens every August of the year, this is the time when women demonstrate their domestic skills. Modern-day Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving chocolates, flowers, and other gifts to loved ones similar to Western Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect time for merchants to offer romantic gifts on their websites.
    • Autumn Moon Festival
      • Celebrated annually on the mid of September, is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture. Autumn Moon festival is a thousand-year-old celebration where families gather to participate in events dedicated to admiration of the moon.




    • Three Kings Day
      • Happens on the 6th of January is the Epiphany when the Magi arrived bearing gifts for baby Jesus. In Brazil and other areas of Latin America, children receive gifts on this day rather than on Christmas Day. This is a good opportunity for cross-border retailers active in Brazil to give special offers on gifts for children.
    • Festa de Debutantes
      • When a girl reaches 15 (Quinceañera), Brazilians celebrate this moment as a transition from childhood to womanhood. This includes food and music and dance performed by the Quinceañera in her ball gown. The family might give her a tiara and scepter, signifying the coming of age. While in some Latin American cultures, a birthstone ring and bracelet are customary gifts that symbolizes femininity and responsibility.




    • New Year’s Eve and Orthodox Christmas
      • For the Russians, the holiday season starts on New Year’s Eve (December 31) and ends on the Orthodox Christmas (January 7). Family and friends usually exchange presents at these dates so better plan ahead your holiday marketing before this season.
    • Defender of the Motherland
      • During February, Russians celebrate this holiday as a tribute to their military, from veterans to modern-day soldiers that serve in the Russian armed forces. Men are presented with cards, gifts, and greetings from women at home as tradition goes. Global e-retailers could really profit from this season if they can come up with interesting gifts for men at reasonable prices.



    • Diwali
      • In the beginning of October, the biggest Hindu festival which is known as Diwali or the festival lights occur. It is also the heaviest spending quarter of the year. India’s ecommerce is growing! A recent PayPal survey found that this season brings a big boost to Indian ecommerce up to 75%.



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