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Improving E-Commerce Website Security – Magento

Magento has earned its reputation with its advanced security protocol. However, there are some still some unknown exploits in it. Managing an online store is somehow difficult when it comes to security. Imagine a large volume of visitors accessing your store and each visitor could always be a potential threat to your customers. With his/her own data stored in your system, what would happen if there is a data breach? It could mean the downfall of your store.


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Your stores security has always been the top priority of Magento. The new process which Magento has recently implemented is where each customer payment data is stored directly to your payment gateway like paypal. However, you can always store the data in your database but it is not advisable because if there is a data breach, intruders could gain access to your customer’s payment information and you could pay for fines, fees and refunds to your customers and losing millions and hundreds of dollars.


Magento has continued to release patches for security flaws for you and your customer’s safety. Every exploit that is discovered is patched immediately to stitch the flaw. The most common exploits that hackers and intruders use are SQL INJECTIONS and PHISHING. To avoid these exploits always make sure to update your Magento store and hire web security companies to protect your store. A dollar or a cent won’t hurt you to integrate your Magento store most especially when sensitive customer data is involved.


Here are 5 tips to improve your Magento store security:


Always choose the best and secured server
Choosing a server is never easy, you go to look up its firewall security, the type of encryption it uses its action logs processes, and how you can access these action logs. Always avoid using a shared hosting server because you are very vulnerable to attacks and exploits. The most advisable option that you can choose is getting a dedicated hosting. With a dedicated hosting you can make sure that no other person can access your host since you are the only one who is using it.


Change the admin panel path
Imagine a person knocking at your door and not knowing his/her intentions. The best way to avoid these issues is customizing your admin panel wherein you are the only one who can have access to it. Different intruders use different scripts in attaining your admin panel url, but this does not guarantee your store can be immune to these exploits but it does reduce the risks.


Choose a unique password
Your password is your key to accessing your store’s administration panel. Always follow the best practices like regularly changing your password, use complex and unique password and never use passwords that you have used in the past as intruders might have the key on the past and try to use it again.


Secure your files
Your files are the bread and butter of the store. There is a unique file in your store namely XML that contains all your sensitive information of your store such as the name of the database, its username, password and many more. Always change its permissions so that you are the only one who can use it and not only the XML file is crucial but also other files that contains your store’s processes and customer credentials. Make it a habit to regularly check your file permissions.


Update & Monitor regularly your activity logs in your store and in your database
Make sure to always audit, review and monitor your logs on what actions that visitors made and what administrators did in the administrator panel. Also, always check the extensions that you install in your store as intruders might use them to gain back door access to your store. Consult to professional and certified Magento developers to review the codes and processes that the extensions use to avoid these exploits. Lastly, always update your Magento store to receive the most recent and most important update patches to avoid these intrusions.


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