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Frequently Asked Questions
The Work
Who would be my developer?

We have a talented team with a variety of specialties and skill sets. So depending on your needs, one of our Project Managers will work with our Operations Team to pick the individual or group of individuals that can deliver the perfect product and meet your deadline. You can also check our “About Us” page to see some employee bio’s and get more familiar.

Is work performed on my live site?

No, all of our development work is first done on a “copy” of your live site. Once we have thoroughly tested the copy and you have approved the work, then we would push the changes to your live site.

Can I review changes?

Absolutely! Our Quality Assurance Team combs through everything first and then we want to get feedback from you. You will receive credentials to the test development site and can dive in as deep as you want before it’s live. Then we can implement your tweaks and once it’s perfect we can deploy it live.

Specifics to My Site
How long could my site be down?

Since the work is performed on a copy of your site first, downtime is minimal. We can also schedule updates to occur when your traffic is at its lowest to reduce the impact. Actual live site down time can be anywhere from a couple minutes to 3 hours depending on the extent of the deployment.

If Vi Commerce creates my website, do I still own it?

Of course! However, we can’t grant ownership to open-source code or other code that we do not own (which is standard across the industry). Specific licensing agreements like GPL and BSD are good examples. All of these nuances are laid out in more detail in our service agreement which we can walk you through.

Does Vi Commerce provide maintenance?

There are several options we offer to help maintain your site. If you own a large site we can provide a dedicated resource, which is like having your own employee but without the extra work. Or if you are on the smaller side, we can dedicate a small amount of time every month (20-40 hours) or perform on an a la carte project basis. Sometimes things break, we are flexible and can help.

Is Vi Commerce available 24/7?

Almost! It’s more like 21 hours a day and 6 days a week. People have to sleep right? If by some freak accident there is an issue outside the usual hours we even have emergency contacts. Our nightshift crew consists of system administrators, project managers, and on call developers. So if you wake up in a cold sweat or your site is having an issue, we are there for you no matter what.

How can I communicate with Vi Commerce?

Smoke signals and bird calls have been proven less effective than we thought. So now project communication typically flows through our project management software Active Colab. You will be set up with your own profile where you can easily monitor progress and communicate with the team. But we are familiar with several PM software so if you want to use something else we can do that too! You can also reach our office in San Francisco, CA at (415)-503-2367.

How do I get started with Vi Commerce?

Welcome aboard! Please email or call us and a Vi Commerce Specialist would be happy to help get the ball rolling. We will need a little information to ensure that we are a good fit for your project and answer we can answer any other questions that you may have. We will have a team meeting and discuss the best solution for you and put together a statement of work outlining the scope of the project for you. Once you are on board with the game plan, you’ll accept the contract and your Project Manager will be in touch to get your website credentials. Then you are officially started!

How much does it cost to create a new Magento website?

Typically we can save our clients 60% compared to our competitors. The specific costs of a new Magento store varies and depends on your type of business, size, and what you need from your site. There is a laundry list of questions that our Magento Sales Specialist can go over with you to understand the requirements of your new site. Then our team will meet to determine how much your project will cost. Our quotes are accurate and free! To simplify things even further, if your business is fairly simple we offer pre-made packages that can be customized to your business, which will expedite your launch and save you even more money.

Where is the value in Vi Commerce?

You will be hard pressed to find a group of individuals who truly care more about your online business being the best that it can possibly be. All of our Magento certified developers adhere to strict security standards and PCI compliance. The Quality Assurance Engineers will meticulously review your site for bugs and typos. Our SEO wizards will magically make Google fall in love with your sight. Our Project Managers keep you in the loop constantly and keep your vision a priority. And did we mention you get everything for an amazing price?