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Ecommerce Trends That Will Take Over 2016

The end of 2015 is fast approaching. It has been a pretty good year for all e-commerce owners and consumers. Consumers, most especially, have finally found the convenience of online shopping from the comfort of their homes at budget-friendly prices compared to brick and mortar stores.




Mobile phone is one of the greatest advancement in technology of our generation. Traditional methods of doing business are becoming more and more obsolete due to the preponderance of smartphones and the increasing number of useful mobile applications. Change is indeed making it necessary to catch up and follow along in order to keep your business relevant. Changing technology can improve and impress, this is why ecommerce store owners should constantly keep an eye for what’s hot and what’s not.


So the question now is: what does 2016 has in store for all of us? What are the upcoming trends that will take over the new year? We have done our research and this article can help you prep your store for 2016.


Multiple Channels for Shopping


Gone are the days when people used desktop computers and laptops to purchase online. Aside from smartphones, tablets are now commonly used. In fact, phones are becoming phablets, a combination of phone and tablet. According to International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), omni-channel customers tend to shop more frequently and spend 3.5 times more than single-channel shoppers. This means even if customers aren’t converting on their PCs, several of them will still use their mobile devices or tablets to browse, search and even purchase. The online purchase works like that. This is why ecommerce store owners should make their websites flexible and responsive.


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Real Time Analytics Become the Norm


Recent study shows that analytics come in play towards the end of the month. As 2016 comes closer, advanced real time analytics is becoming the standard. With this, you can see how customers react while still looking on the site, thus, you can improve decision-making on the spot.


Flash Sales


This not something new, but its effect has become widespread and cannot be ignored. Online customers expect flash sales, as what has become a habit, especially during special occasions. While they expect huge discounts, you need make sure that you do not turn out damaging your brand in a bid to organize a flash sale. This type of sale is known to last from anything between a few hours to a few days. If your website is mobile responsive, more customers will be able to have faster and easier access to your store and revving up your sales.


Quicker and More Flexible Delivery


Amazon Prime Now has this same-day delivery services being more frequently offered. This idea will affect retailers with the common mindset of “ I want this and I want it now” or what we call rush delivery. It was only during 2013 that a lot of delivery services started to offer same-day delivery. 2016 will bring back this same-day delivery trend, delivery within in an hour.


Stunning Homepages with Huge Images and Videos


As 2015 went deeper, many ecommerce designers focused on large images and short videos on home pages, many of these would take up the entire screen. These designs apparently made a great impact to both consumers and to site owners, since ecommerce businesses can quickly explain the purpose of the site in a few minute video or a beautiful image. Large media sections also help out the consumer, since most of the mess is pushed to secondary pages, resulting in one or two paths for the customers to go. It’s all much simpler like that. Simple yet elegant.


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