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eCommerce Platform Comparison: Magento vs Other E-Commerce Platform

Magento has been on top of the charts since it started its availability on March 31, 2008. Its advanced and efficient features was the key to its success. Its competitors in the market today are nowhere near when it comes to statistics. Here are three key ideas why Magento has been dominating the E-Commerce platform industry.


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Magento features that other e-commerce platform doesn’t offer:


Fully Scalable & Customizable:
Magento has a unique feature that other e-commerce platform doesn’t offer. It supports Multi Store Management for its community edition. For short, you can manage multiple store sites with one admin panel. Another Feature is it has a multi-currency support which is useful when you have customers all over the world.


From a simple store, you can have a beautiful and fully customizable store. All you need is a front end developer to improve your store front end and a back end developer to extend Magentos native functionalities by developing extensions and plugins.


Magento is the only E-Commerce Platform that offers these advanced unique features and a customizable functionalities. Without paying subscription fees or installation fees, users may use Magento without paying like other E-Commerce Platform requires. This is the main Advantage that Magento offers to its users.


User-Friendly Interface:
One advantage in using Magento is its User Interface, Different customers all over the world have different computer literacy. Imagine a user shopping online for the first time, a key factor that Magento offers is its layman’s interface. With its new simple checkout process, customers are sure to select a product and check out in a fast and efficient manner.


On the back end side of Magento, Administrators may use its statistics, charts and other functionalities in a simple way. With the latest version of Magento, its new interface is revolutionary in terms of simplicity, efficiency and versatility.


Other E-Commerce Platforms has also these unique interfaces but when it comes to simplicity with complete functionality in terms of reports and customization, Magento is the most efficient and complete of them all.


Designed for Big Scale Businesses to Small Scale:
Magento is designed to cater all kinds and sorts of businesses may it be small scale to large scale. Its agile design is aimed for the community to use and adapt with simplicity and convenience in terms of scope of the business. The community edition is somehow designed and advised for small scale businesses because it is free and not much resources are needed for the installation and development of its extensions and plugins.


The enterprise edition is designed for large scale businesses. Is has all the complete and advanced features that is very much needed for large and high-end businesses. With its advanced functionalities you will surely know the difference between the community edition which is free and the enterprise edition which is paid.


Majority of the E-Commerce Platforms are paid services/subscriptions. Users pay either monthly, annually or quarterly depending on the plan that they choose. Different rates apply in different platforms, the higher the rate the more functionality and features are added to the platform.


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With all the basic advantages that Magento has offered to the community, it simply has all the best advanced features when it comes to free service. And when it comes to paid services, Magento has never failed to please its users with quality assured service, efficient and accurate platform and highly integrated processes. No wonder why Magento has been hitting high up the charts when it comes to the e-commerce industry.


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