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E-Commerce Trends For The 2015 Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching. It is a must for retailers to plan beforehand and prepare for the busiest months of shopping which lasts from the end of October through December 24th. Holiday e-commerce sales are crucial, for most, it is the highlight of the year. According to the National Retail Federation, the holiday season accounts for around 20% of the retail industry’s annual sales, and can account for as much as 30% of an individual retailer’s total sales.


Holiday Holiday Campaign


It is best to think of effective strategies that will surely win your shoppers attention this holiday season. If you are a long-time e-commerce retailer, ponder on what trends worked out and what didn’t work from last year. Experience will always be the best teacher. Vi Commerce is giving you the holiday trends for 2015 that will surely bring you


E-mail Marketing
E-mailing has been a trend for many years now and expect that it will become more important this holiday. More and more companies use this strategy in order to increase sales. According to a MailChimp survey, 100% of their respondents said they planned to use e-mail marketing to promote their holiday sales this year. The reason behind this trend is that, every time a shopper completes a checkout, they will immediately receive messages (which are promotional e-mails) that are bound to make additional sales.


Display Discounts on Category Images & Links
One reason why customers prefer to shop a few months before Christmas is because of big discounts. According to research last year, 92% of shoppers will look for discounts online to find the best bargain. Displaying discounts on category images and links allows them to explore more of that page and, probably, purchase more items.


Provide Gift Ideas for Specific Price Ranges
Remember that the holiday is about giving and most shoppers have a specific budget for shopping. You, as a store owner, would want to help them acquire that budget-friendly yet awesome gift, having a category page with amazing gift ideas in a specific price range will certainly be a hit. Give some advice too, whether it’s a casual gift, a romantic gift, or a special occasion gift.


Show a Countdown of Order Arrival before Christmas
In an offline store, there are many cases of rush shopping or shopping just a few days before Christmas. This is why E-commerce works. Hassle-free shopping is one of its many perks. You can shop whenever and wherever. Although, many shoppers would forget about the delivery date. Usually, it takes one to two days for them to receive an order. Displaying a countdown of days until delivery arrives, before Christmas would be of great.


Some shoppers might not be familiar with your e-commerce site so they would rather just search for a product on a search engine like Google and Yahoo. Most likely, they prefer visuals. When they see an item inspiration, they immediately locate it and make a purchase. Start planning what keywords you would like to optimize. Also, make sure your photos are on point!


Free Shipping Offers will be Ever-Present
Since it’s the holidays, expand your free-delivery options. This will surely encourage shoppers to purchase more items to qualify for free delivery.


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