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E-Commerce Online Strategies for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. People all over the world spend a lot on that special day to send gifts to their loved ones. An average person spends at least 30$ on gifts. Online stores offer a lot of options to their customers because store owners see this as a hallmark of opportunity. Here are some sweet and clever marketing strategies to jump start your online store.


Add a valentine twist in your design layout
People nowadays are attracted to different store layouts it is the center of attraction of your store and it represents your trade mark. Always show that on Valentine’s Day your store is also celebrating so that customers will be more encouraged to shop. Showing people the spirit of Valentine’s Day in your store improves your cart rate checkout percentage. Especially when your design layout is eye catching.


Use the social media to disseminate information of your valentine sale
Different sales on different stores are everywhere. The social media is the most perfect instrument to spread out the news about your store. Use eye catching title when advertising on social media because people tend to visit stores with the most interesting or eye catching titles. Use hash tags to improve your marketing advertisement.


Offer anonymous gift delivery and free gift wrapping
Everybody loves surprises. Offering your customers anonymous gift delivery showcases your store’s potential on how you treat your customers. Imagine a person wanting to surprise someone but doesn’t have the courage to give her/her gift personally. That marketing strategy would completely boost your customer’s self-esteem and confidence.


Make flash sales at least every hour
Giving sales on different products makes your customer stay and wait for different sale surprises. Sales also show that you care and love your customers. The bigger the sale the more customer it attracts especially on rare items like consumer electronics and branded clothing.
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Add quick links for the Valentine’s Day sale on your navigational panel
Serve your customer right by offering quick and easy access to different links in your store to let them directly access on the item they want. Make sure your quick links are efficient and accurate in terms of making quick link title. Suggestions all over the internet that are popular are listed below:

  • Valentines Gifts Bundle
  • Necklace
  • Chocolate
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Flower
  • Bracelets

categories-LG-bing-220116 Vi Commerce


Make convincing product descriptions
Different products have their own and unique description. Make catchy descriptions to offer your customers the key ideas on the best and ideal gift that they could choose. Give them options in the descriptions about different situations and different tips to make the product unique and one of a kind.


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