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From E-commerce to Mobile Commerce

We all love to shop. Just the thought of it can make us happy, although sometimes, it can be tiring and leave us penniless once done. Over the years, human beings are accustomed to this old-style of shopping. But thank goodness for modern technology! In the present times, we don’t have to personally go to malls or markets to purchase the materials we want. Just a few scanning and clicking away on a website, wait for a few days of delivery and there you have it. That is called E-commerce or Electronic Commerce. Amazon and E-bay were among the first companies to allow this type of business back in the 90’s and apparently, their business is still growing until now. As for our very own Magento, it started way back in 2007. Through the years, it evolved into something better, something that consumers would be able to remember for its quality service when it comes to e-commerce.

Mobile eCommerce

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As time passes by, new developments emerge for the enhancement of the e-commerce industry. Mobile companies invent new smartphones everyday, smarter and more advanced than ever. This made people become too attached to it since information can be viewed online with the use of their phones. Developers come up of an idea, why not sell things online on both web and smartphones? And that is where Mobile commerce began. It’s actually a lot easier than using web because: First of all, smartphones are really handy you can just take it anywhere. Second, it is very convenient to the consumers. You don’t have to be super skilled in using smartphones when it comes to mobile commerce. And Lastly, for the owners, you can double your sales by having a website which is mobile configurable. Consumers would really love it! Since the launch of iphone, mobile commerce has migrated from sms systems to actual applications. Such applications are way too simple to use that’s why most people would prefer buying online stuffs through their smartphones. According to CMO by Adobe, “Cyber Monday” in 2013 saw retail sales via mobile and tablets approach $400 million in the U.S. alone.

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