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Celebrating Christmas With Pandoo Foundation Kids

The whole city lights up, people singing carols, Christmas decorations everywhere and many more. Yes! It is that wonderful time of the year again. Probably the happiest season of all. Christmas time is just a few more days from now and each one of us is getting more and more hyped up. ‘Tis the season that our Lord Jesus Christ was born. It is a celebration of life, thus, we must spread love, joy, and peace as much as we can. Some of us may celebrate it in the grandest way possible together with our loved ones, but there are also some of our brothers and sisters in Christ that are, as of this moment, homeless, lonely, and suffering from all kinds of pain. The very essence of Christmas is to make humanity happy and give them hope that life isn’t all about misery.


Pandoo Foundation 1


We, at Vi Commerce, don’t only make top quality e-commerce solutions, but also share our blessings to others, most especially to those who are in need.  In line with that, we would like to share with you yesterday’s fun happenings:


Pandoo Foundation at Vi Commerce


Pandoo Foundation at Vi Commerce


It was the 2nd of December when we invited the cute little kids of Pandoo Foundation to come over at the office to sing us some Christmas carols. Pandoo Foundation is a non-profit organization with a direct link to Pandoo Nation, an exhilarating online virtual game for kids. They fund development programs in the areas of financial inclusion, education, and Health & Sanitation. So yeah, they came to the office together with some of their elder members of the foundation and started singing some Christmas songs. Trust me when I say just by listening to them will make you feel like angels serenaded you. Christmas vibes filled the office.


Pandoo Foundation at Vi Commerce


And oh, did I forgot to mention? Another thing that made the office ‘Christmassy’ was the presence of beautiful and creatively-done lanterns made by, yours truly, the employees of Vi Commerce. What made it even more exciting is that it was a competition, whoever designs the most attractive lantern wins the game. The judges were, of course, none other than our lovely visitors. Congratulations to group 3, by the way, they won the contest! Those guys, such talent they have.


Pandoo Foundation at Vi Commerce


After the caroling sessions and judging of lanterns, everybody had snacks and chit chats. It was great to have them, really. Aside from channeling our inner kid, the experience gave us that feeling of contentment. Making those children happy made us realize that small things can have a big value.


Pandoo Foundation at Vi Commerce


We hope that you too have made someone happy this holiday season. Well, not only for this season but it has to be every day that we should spread the goodness in our community. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!

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