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International Holidays/Festivals that Impact E-commerce

By: admin | April 21, 2016

Every business owner knows that holiday seasons are the prime time for giving of gifts. In America, heavy shopping seasons like Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day would seem just natural to Americans. American merchants start preparations months in advance in order to offer shoppers…

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Speed Up Your Magento Website’s Performance

By: admin | April 4, 2016

On our previous article, we shared to you Magento Extensions that will help you improve your website’s speed. This time, we will talk about the techniques for a great Magento website speed performance (just because we care for you and your e-commerce site like that  ?….

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Infographics: Comparison Of Magento vs Zencart vs Oscommerce

By: admin | March 31, 2016

There are many open source e-commerce platforms like Magento, Zen-Cart and Os-Commerce to choose from. It is quite confusing for many online businessmen to make an effective choice from these, so here we have compared these three open source e-commerce platforms that help you to…

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Magento Extensions For A Great Website Speed Performance

By: admin | March 29, 2016

Today, Magento is one of the widely used e-commerce platform. This is because it is robust, highly functional and customizable. You will not worry when you want to upgrade because Magento is highly scalable.   According to a survey by Builtwith, 16% of the top…

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Part 1: How To Survey The Landscape In Launching Magento 2.0

By: admin | March 22, 2016

Source:   How to survey the landscape?   Tip 1: Be sure to see what’s currently available on Connect and evaluate the gaps.   Tip 2: “Navigate to Magento Connect and search for the existing solutions that may be convenient in this case. Thoroughly check the…

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