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The Beginners Guide to Magento 2.0

In 2014 and 2015, Magento has significantly increased its popularity in the most commonly used e-commerce platforms making it number one in the charts.


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The new version of Magento 2.0 which was released last November 17, 2015 has some awesome new features. This includes Streamlined Checkout, Easier PCI Compliance, Enriched Merchandising with Video Feature, Enhanced Performance & Stability and A New Admin User Interface. Advantages of the Magento 2.0 in terms of user experience are Easy Guided Product Creation, Improved Product Import and Export which is 4x faster when compared to the past Magento Versions, it is also built on popular technologies and an easier customization and integration feature. The customization of the User Interface of Magento 2.0 has made a lot easier and in the back-end of the platform It Has Improved Product Quality.


Magento 2.0 also has two editions, you can visit Magento.Com to select your Magento 2.0 Edition.


    • Magento Enterprise Edition is a paid, ready-made solution that provides a more maximized performance store and a more dynamic way of approach for fast-growing and more extensive business. It also provides a full support from experts and also has a lot of exclusive extensions which you can apply in your store and would generally give you a full management of your site.


  • Magento Community Edition is a free, open source version wherein developers can develop extensions and customize areas that would fit the needs of the site. The Community Edition is aimed for small businesses, wherein they can hire developers to manage and develop the site. The community edition also gives the privilege to access the community support as well as all the basic functions of Magento. This includes managing the products and its users. The community edition also gives unique features like multistores, and many more.


STORE MIGRATION FROM Magento 1 to 2.0:


Magento migration from 1.0 to 2.0 involves four major components: Data, Extensions, Themes and Customizations. Visit Migration Guide for a more detailed guide.

Data: Magento 2.0 has a unique feature Data Migration Tool that would help efficiently port all the Key Products, Customer Details, Order Data, Store Configuration, Promotions/Ads and Many more. The Magento Documentation provides the information of the tool and best practices to migrate data.

Extensions: Extensions will soon be update to 2.0 for compatibility, they would be soon available on Magento Connect.

Themes and Customizations: The new Magento 2.0 has some new several approaches and technologies that would give merchants new skills to create unique shopping experiences to their customers. To adapt to these new technologies, developers need to adjust their themes and customization.




Magento 2.0 has a massive and broad database, it requires a highly integrated, customizable and compatible server. Keep in mind that each server has its own limitations and constraints. The stronger and integrated the server is the more data and traffic would be processed. That means that having multiple stores in a slow server would lessen the speed and process of the site. Different Hosting companies offer Magento dedicated servers which optimizes the store.




Majority of vast online stores have their developers or designers to make a layout of their desired themes and design. It is the best practice to make a customized theme which would reflect the kind of branding that the store has to offer. However, if you want a more budget friendly approach there is a ready-made theme that has already been set with sample data but there are only few 2.0 ready templates since it has just been recently release. Just keep in mind that it would only reflect on the visual side of the site not the extensions and other custom functions. NOTE : You cannot add a customized function using a readymade theme in Mangeto 1 version but In the Magento 2, pre-built themes are customizable depending on the developer of the theme.




Extensions are modules that are used for a specific function. The extensions that are needed are those which are not offered by the basic Magento functions. Developers are also hired to make custom extensions to increase the sites productivity and output. Magento has a huge community of developers hence, you can find either free or paid extensions and other samples in Magento Connect Site. The prices of the paid extensions are based on the complexity of each extension and its impact on the store in terms of profitability and integration. Not all extensions are being updated at the moment since the 2.0 version has just been recently released but in the upcoming days to come developers will surely update their extensions so that they can use the new technologies and the advantages it brings with it.




The new magento 2.0 has a new and awesome way of adding products, it has a simple multi-step wizard where in you can add configurable products, attributes, options and many more. You can choose any of the following product types Simple Products, Virtual Products, Downloadable Products, Configurable or Complex Products, Grouped Products and Bundled Products.


magento loading time




Magento 2.0 has a new default interface in terms of Admin UI, Installation UI and a lot more.examples below are the new modern interface.


Magento2.0 Interface


Magento Installer




Magento is the most agile and efficient e-commerce platform there is in the market. With its new version it will surely change the way of e-commerce, in terms of Modern Application of the Latest Technology, Efficient Production and Profitability, Less Development Time and Less Support Costs. With its large community there is no other platform that can compete at the moment. With the constant updates and improvements in Magento 2.0 its performance when compared to the old version is nowhere near. The Magento 2.0 surely brings a lot of advantages and improvements with it. With the new version using the latest technologies, Magento 2.0 is surely the thing that is the most popular e-commerce platform there is. Kudos Magento!



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