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How To Add Configurable Products On Magento

Adding Configurable Products


A Magento configurable product should be used for a single item with specific selectable variations. Each selectable variation can have its own additional costs. With the configurable product type, you can offer an item with some options that can be configured by the customer themselves. For example, you can sell the same model of sandals that are offered in varieties of colors, and sizes. Instead of creating several simple products for each size of the same model that will be displayed individually in the frontend, for instance, you can create a configurable product which will allow the customer to select the size before ordering the product.


Step 1: Log in your credentials to the Admin panel.


Magento Login


Step 2: Go to Catalog, click Attributes and then, click Manage Attributes.


Manage Attributes - Magento


Step 3: Click on Add New Attribute and input needed attribute information and hit Save.
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 8.20.22 AM
New Products Attribute - Magento


Step 4: Add options to the attribute that you have added. And then, click Save.


Step 5: Add the attribute you have recently added to a specific attribute set and Save it.


Edit Product Attribute - Magento


Edit Attribute Set - Magento


Step 6: Go to Associated Products for variations.


Step 7: Select the products to be associated and then, click Save


Product Information - Magento


Product Information Settings - Magento
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