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3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Magento Store Page Speed Insights.

Page speed insights analyzes the performance and speed of your pages weather it may be on mobile or desktop view. The most used and the number one page speed insight that is being used worldwide is the Google Page Speed Insights.






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With the most and efficient technologies used by google, the accuracy rate of page speed insights is absolute. Page Speed Insights gives you steps and guides to improve your page speed performance and specific details on what causes the page to be lethargic. Now, Magento has a large default system and modules and this requires for developers and designers to integrate the default system of Magento to be more responsive and efficient in terms of transaction execution and site optimization.


Here are 3 simple tips to improve your Magento store page speed insights:


1.) Apply Full Page Caching


Caching is a way on storing temporary data in your computer so that the next time you visit the store/site it automatically fetches the temporary data files causing the store to significantly loads up faster and reduces the load on the server. There are extensions in Magento wherein you can install in your store. Here’s a Link to select some of those extensions.




When page speed insight scans your site, the most and biggest impact that the result would show affecting your site is your images, css files and js files. Images however with large sizes and pixels in desktop view is necessary for maximum user experience but however when it comes to mobile the images that would be used can be too large to the point that it would load the whole size of the image but only rendering half of it. Magento has a really large variety of images. Imagine every product has at least 3-5 images that would be shown, but Magento, however has a lot of extensions that would resize and compress the images that are in the store and it also has a default function wherein it would automatically resize and cache the images that would being used in the site. Using lossless compression in your Magento store would make a big impact. Lossless compression Is a new modern data compression wherein algorithms of the original data would be perfectly reconstructed by compressing it and the output would be the same but has a lesser size. A direct example of this is files like ZIP and RAR. You can always manually compress your site, Here is an example of an online image compressor. However, there are a lot of software tools that you can use online.


image compression - Vi Commerce


Minification is the process wherein all the characters that are not used in the source code is being removed without affecting its functionality. Mostly the characters that are not used are white space characters, new line characters and comments. Minification in other words is when a file is being transmitted on the internet, it is being optimized so that there would be less data to be transferred from the server to the client side. Magento, however has a built in feature to minify the css, js and other files. You just have to activate it in the admin panel. Extensions are also available to minify your css and js files. There are also online sites that offer minification specifically in css and js.


CSS - Vi Commerce


Source :


NOTE: minification has some certain features wherein it would cause conflict in your files so it is a best practice to always backup your files before minifying files and compressing images.




Choosing the best web server is the bread and butter of your store. Faster server means faster reaction time and faster reaction. The bigger the capacity of the server the more customers and transactions it can handle. The server would also have a great impact in the page speed insight because the faster the server responds to the request the higher the raw score you would get. However, there are two types of hosting services available, dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Shared hosting is a server wherein your resources such as RAM, disk drives and processors are shared with other users, not only the hardware of the server is being shared but also its operating systems. Magento has some dependencies specifically in PHP. In the shared hosting you can’t change the main cores of the system. With regards with the disadvantages you can always request to the provider to install these dependencies. The biggest advantages of the shared hosting are its cost. It only costs 3-6$ per month.


Dedicated hosting is a private and personal server which can only be used by you. Dedicated servers are fast, efficient and accurate in terms of their hardware specifications. Having a dedicated server means you can manipulate the operating system its hardware sizes (depending on plan) and its server capacity. Larger businesses mean a heavy load of traffic to the sites server, it is highly recommended to use a dedicated server if you have a large product database and the customer traffic would reach up to 50,000 per day. Always remember to include external entities like customer/user experience when it comes to selecting a server. A lot of customers hate to visit sites that poorly responds to transactions and request. Having an efficient server means faster load time which means faster transactions and faster transactions means more orders for your store.


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