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3 Simple Steps to Enhance Customer Experience in Your Magento Store

Succeeding in ecommerce is sometimes a rough road. A lot of essential entities are needed in order for your Magento store to be successful. The main essential entity is the User Experience. User experience is the key to a successful Magento store. Customers all over the world would visit your store and purchase products that are available and shippable. Their user experience would reflect in different reviews and comments about your store worldwide. This means that when customers come to your store, they should see and they should feel special in terms of ease of use, quality assurance and efficient processes. Here are 3 simple steps to enhance your customer experience in your Magento store:


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Lessen Checkout Processes


Always make sure that your store has a one-step checkout extension/plugin. This gives the customer the full user experience wherein they could always checkout anytime and anywhere in your store and it provides your customer the ease of use and the comfort. The one-step checkout process is also advised to lessen cart abandonment of your customer.


Different customers can be easily frustrated when the checkout process is too complicated. It is always advisable that you remove unnecessary buttons and processes in the checkout phase to improve user experience. Always make it a habit that on any process, you should store all the necessary and required information in the same page. Also integrate your store that a customer can easily checkout in less than 3 minutes.


Use Clear and Attractive Product Pictures


Customers nowadays are meticulous when it comes to purchasing online. They would always make sure that the image matches the product itself and the quality and specifications that are in the products description are accurate.


Always make sure that your product images are up to date and is not deprecated in terms of availability and quality. The reason on why you should constantly update your images is that when a product is being upgraded or updated by your supplier and the images or the package form is changed, it has a tendency that your customer might receive a different actual product from the product image of your store. It is a very large factor that customers would always get what they see and this improves customer satisfaction and product quality assurance.


Improve and Innovate New User Interface


The most important aspect of your Magento store is your interfaces uniqueness. Always make sure that your interface is different from other online stores. Large volumes of customers visit different online stores and can differentiate one store to another. Utilize the advance technologies that Magento offers to improve or integrate your user interface and not only that, always try to innovate new and creative designs for your store.


New innovations would always assure you new customers. Different customers are likely to be attracted to eye catching interfaces and unique new trends. Also, always make sure that your new interface also contains the same complete information that your old design has. You can always try different extension in Magento to improve or or innovate your user interface. Also, avoid unnecessary popups in your store because customers are likely to be irritated and would feel uncomfortable when there are a lot of popups in your store.


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